Ohio Democratic Party Launches No Jobs Rob Tour Part II: Shutdown Watch

With October 1 Deadline Looming, Portman Refuses to Rule Out Another Shutdown

COLUMBUS – The Ohio Democratic Party is launching its second ‘No Jobs Rob’ statewide tour beginning today in Dayton and continuing next week. The tour will stop at Social Security Administration offices and other locations that would be hurt if U.S. Sen. Rob Portman supports another shutdown of the federal government.

Portman voted to shut down the government in 2013, and when asked about the possibility of shutting down again this year, Portman refused to rule it out, telling Roll Call newspaper, “we’ll see.”

The deadline to avoid a shutdown is October 1, less than two weeks away. But instead of being hard at work to avoid another disaster, Portman and his Republican leaders adjourned yesterday for a four-day weekend, with no votes scheduled for Monday. And first up on the docket Tuesday is another vote to meddle in women’s health care choices instead of working toward a solution to keep the government open.

“Senator Portman is gambling with the livelihood of Ohio families to score political points with Washington special interests,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokeswoman Jennifer Donohue. “Ohio suffered enough last time Senator Portman shut down the government and now he’s playing Washington politics with Ohio jobs once again.”


  • Portman voted five times against legislation to stop the government from shutting down in 2013. Then Portman voted against reopening the government and allowed the shutdown to drag on for 16 days with Ohioans paying the price. [Vote 206, 9/27/13; Vote 208, 9/27/13; Vote 209, 9/27/13; Vote 210, 9/30/13; Vote 211, 9/30/13; Vote 212, 10/1/13]

  • When asked about the possibility of shutting down again this year, Portman refused to rule it out, telling Roll Call newspaper, “we’ll see.”



  • The 2013 shutdown cost the economy $24 billion nationwide and led to 120,000 fewer jobs being created. [CNN Money, 10/16/13; Huffington Post, 11/8/13]


  • 2.2 million Ohioans depend on Social Security benefits. [U.S. House Of Representatives, Democratic Caucus, via Social Security Administration, Accessed 9/11/15]

    • In a government shutdown, Social Security offices can’t send benefit verification letters or process new applications in a timely manner. [Massillon Independent, 10/14/13; Columbus Dispatch, 10/3/13]


  • 1,800 Ohio army and Air National Guard reservists were furloughed during the 2013 shutdown. [Columbus Dispatch, 10/4/13]

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

  • Wright-Patterson Air Force Base furloughed 8,700 civilian employees in the 2013 government shutdown, and base officials predicted a government shutdown would cost $5 million per day in lost wages. [Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Press Release, 10/1/13; Dayton Daily News, 10/1/13]

  • Forbes magazine ranks Dayton, Ohio, where Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is located, as one of the top 10 cities most at risk during a government shutdown.

Defense Supply Center, Columbus

  • 50 workers at the Defense Supply Center in Columbus were furloughed during the 2013 shutdown and officials representing the workers said there was “a lot of fear, anger and uncertainty.” [WCMH NBC, 10/1/13]


  • Farm Service Agency Offices close and are unable to process loans for farmers. [Canton Repository, 10/6/13]

    • A Farm Service Agency worker in 2013 described it like this: “It’s like if you want to get a car loan or a house loan and you bought the house and the bank closes.” [Canton Repository, 10/6/13]

Small Businesses

  • The 2013 shutdown stalled $140 million-worth of small business lending applications nationwide. [Washington Post, 10/18/13]

NASA Glenn Research Center

  • 3,294 workers at the NASA Glenn Research Center were furloughed, at least 1,600 without pay, in 2013. [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 10/1/13; Cleveland Plain Dealer, 10/22/13]

National Parks

  • Cuyahoga Valley National Park and parts of Wayne National Forest were closed during the 2013 shutdown. [Policy Matters Ohio, October 2013]