Ohio Democratic Party Launches BeltwayRob.com

COLUMBUS — Today, the Ohio Democratic Party launched a new website: BeltwayRob.com, which exposes Sen. Rob Portman’s long record of prioritizing the Washington power brokers and wealthy special interests he serves at the expense of Ohio’s working families.

Visitors can share various sections on social media and find out the facts on how Beltway Rob is hurting working families and why he can’t be trusted to look out for Ohio in the U.S. Senate.

“Beltway Rob is the ‘ultimate insider,’ an outsourcer whose support for unfair trade policies has cost Ohio hundreds of thousands of jobs, and he’s at the center of the dysfunctional D.C. politics that are hurting Ohio’s working families,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Daniel van Hoogstraten.  “At every turn, Senator Portman pushes the agenda of the Washington power brokers and the wealthy special interests he serves at the expense of Ohio’s working people. This site will help Ohioans learn and share the truth about Beltway Rob: he represents exactly what Ohio hates about Washington.”

The site features five sections on Beltway Rob’s dysfunctional record:

  • The “Ultimate Insider”: Beltway Rob always puts the interests of the Washington power brokers he serves over Ohio’s working families, and he’s out of touch with the values that matter to hard working Ohioans. In fact, Republicans admit that Beltway Rob is better known among Washington insiders than he is in Ohio.

  • Lobbyists’ Best Friend: Beltway Rob is a former lobbyist who pushes the interests of his well-connected friends on K Street at the expense of working people in Ohio. One lobbyist said, “Portman’s face belongs on the Mount Rushmore of the financial services industry.” The New York Times wrote that the sidewalk outside Beltway Rob’s office took a “pounding from the wingtips of industry lobbyists.”

  • A “Dedicated Outsourcer”: Beltway Rob has repeatedly voted for job-killing trade deals and policies – and Ohio’s working families are paying the price. Whether Beltway Rob was voting to grant China Permanent Most Favored Nation Status, or failing to crack down on their currency manipulation and unfair steel exports as the United States Trade Representative, the truth is that Portman is the best Senator China ever had.

  • Washington 1st, Ohio Last: At every turn, Beltway Rob puts Washington first, at the expense of Ohio’s working families, students, women and seniors. From trying to privatize Social Security, to voting against equal pay for equal work for women, to opposing a minimum wage increase, to calling the auto rescue a “lousy deal,” Beltway Rob always sides with his Washington power brokers and corporate special interests.

  • “How Washington Ticks Off The Rest Of America”: Beltway Rob’s D.C. double-talk is, as Cleveland.com said, “How Washington ticks off the rest of America.” Just like the “ultimate insider” that he is, Beltway Rob says one thing in Ohio and does the opposite in Washington – and working families are paying the price.

Visit www.BeltwayRob.com to find out more.