Ohio Democratic Party Demands That Husted Reinstate Voters He Illegally Purged From The Rolls

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party filed an amicus brief today with the federal district court, responding to Secretary of State Jon Husted’s continued mistreatment of voters that he illegally purged from the voter rolls in recent years.

“First, Jon Husted was found to have violated federal law for years. Then he dragged his feet on the case, allowing the voter registration deadline to pass. Then late last week, he returned to court to propose that the voters he illegally purged from the rolls be treated differently, and worse, than all other voters,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Jon Husted has admitted that reinstating voters to the rolls is possible, but he continues to fight the federal court’s decision. The Ohio Democratic Party felt compelled to file this amicus brief to stand up for the rights, and fair treatment, of the voters Husted illegal purged. They should be immediately reinstated to the rolls and treated just as all other registered voters are.”

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals found that under the leadership of Jon Husted, the state purged hundreds of thousands of voters from Ohio’s voter registration rolls.

The brief filed today notes that, “The State has admitted that it can identify the voters who were unlawfully purged which would allow the State to reinstate the voter registrations of those who were unlawfully purged.”