Ohio Democratic Party Declares Racism Is A Public Health Crisis, Supports Voting Rights And Safe, Fair And Accessible Election

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party executive committee voted unanimously today to declare racism as a public health crisis and to support voting rights and call for a safe, fair and accessible election this November.

“At this critical inflection point in our nation’s history, African Americans are confronting two crises — the coronavirus pandemic and police violence — that are disproportionately impacting their community and bringing racial injustice to the forefront with peaceful demonstrations in cities and small towns in every state and around the globe,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “It’s on all of us — not just our African-American leaders, friends and colleagues — to call out the public health crisis that is caused by and exacerbated by systemic racism.”

The executive committee today endorsed a resolution that echoes similar resolutions being introduced, passed or considered by:

Comments from Congresswoman Joyce Beatty:

“We have to look at legislation. Certainly, you can’t legislate away hatred or racism. So we have to look at it as a systemic problem, with many years and years — or better yet — decades and decades of us being held back, of discrimination and of suppressing the vote.”


The executive committee also approved the following appointments:

Democratic National Committee members

Tim Burga

Becky Higgins

Mark Mallory

Ron Malone

Valarie McCall

Joe Rugola

Nina Turner


Democratic National Convention Party Leaders and Elected Officials (PLEO) delegates


Wade Kapszukiewicz

John Cranley

Andrew Ginther

Stephanie Howse

Kenny Yuko

Vernon Sykes

Paula Hicks Hudson

Armond Budish

David Leland

Nickie Antonio

Emilia Sykes

Bride Sweeney

Sandra Williams

Brigid Kelly

Tina Maharath


Trevor Elkins

Tara Mosley Samples

Tristan Rader


Democratic National Convention at-large delegates


Scott DiMauro

Sean Grayson

Anthony Caldwell

Gary Martin

Shannon Hardin

Aftab Pureval

Dontavius Jarrells

Ryan Puente

Leo Almeida

Rick Neal

Kevin Boyce

Dean DePiero

Ted Strickland

Melissa Cropper

Lisa Chanana

Georgine Welo

Jeniece Brock

Patricia Frost-Brooks

Elizabeth Brown

Shayla Favor

Jessica Miranda

Angela Shuckahosee

Megan Kilgore

Cindy Demsey


Jamie Dixon

N. J. Akbar

Diane Morgan

Tammy Dressel

Lisa Nguyen


Democratic National Convention at-large alternates


Pablo Manon Mateos

Kristin Boggs


Jo’el Thomas-Jones



Editor’s Note: The executive committee agenda and resolutions are linked here.