Ohio Democratic Party Celebrates National Voter Registration Day in Toledo


TOLEDOOhio Democratic Party Engagement Chair Nina Turner, Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson and volunteers hosted a voter registration drive today at the Lucas County Democratic Party headquarters to celebrate National Voter Registration Day.

“This year we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, which was the result of decades of work by community activists, students and faith leaders, fighting for every American to be able to register and exercise their constitutional right to vote,” said Mayor Hicks-Hudson. “We must honor their hard work and dedication by getting registered to vote.”

“Voting is truly our greatest equalizer and is the foundation for shaping the will of the community,” said Party Engagement Chair Turner. “It is crucial that we increase voter participation in this current political environment because 27,000 voters have been purged from the Lucas County rolls since August by Secretary of State Jon Husted. There are many crucial issues at stake in 2015 and beyond that require Ohioans’ voices to be heard at the ballot box. I encourage every eligible voter to register before the Oct. 5 deadline and get ready to vote this fall.”