Ohio Democratic Party Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party and the ODP Hispanic/Latino Caucus are today celebrating the start of Hispanic Heritage Month.

“The Ohio Democratic Party is proud of our diversity, and we are proud to kick off Hispanic Heritage Month here in Ohio,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Latino Americans are an important part of the Democratic Party coalition. Hispanic Ohioans make up about 3 percent of the population, and in what we expect to be a close election, the Hispanic vote could be the ultimate swing vote in our swing state.”

Ohio’s Hispanic population has more than tripled since 1980. In 2012, Hispanic voters comprised nearly 100,000 of Ohio’s voters. As of last year, there were 185,000 Hispanic Ohioans who were eligible to vote.

“Our friends in the Hispanic/Latino community have had such a profound effect on our society in their quest to achieve the American dream,” said Party Engagement Chair Nina Turner. “I am proud to celebrate their cultural, social and economic contributions that have made our nation better. As a party, we are partnering with our Hispanic/Latino Caucus to engage the Hispanic community on voter education for eligible voters, as well as encourage members of the community to run for elected office. Our democracy is stronger when more people participate, and our government is stronger when it represents the diversity of our great state. The voices of the Hispanic/Latino community are crucial in every single election and could have an enormous impact on elections in Toledo, Canton, Akron and races up and down the ticket across Ohio.”

“The way to fight back against extremist rhetoric is to get informed and get engaged in the political process,” said Hispanic/Latino Caucus Advisory Board Chair Isabel Framer. “Our message to Republicans like Donald Trump is that Latino voices will be heard loud and clear at the ballot box.”