Mike Pence Is Latest D.C. Insider To Bail Out Troy Balderson

COLUMBUSTwo weeks after Paul Ryan came to central Ohio to bail out state Sen. Troy Balderson with a big-dollar fundraiser hosted by a Columbus lobbyist, Mike Pence is the latest D.C. establishment figure coming to Ohio to prop up the Republican congressional candidate.

“Last month Troy Balderson got a helping hand from Paul Ryan — the guy who wants to cut Medicare and Social Security — and now he’s bringing in Mike Pence to prop up his struggling congressional campaign,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Dark-money groups are dropping six-figure checks to flood the airwaves for Balderson because his record of cozying up to disgraced politicians like Cliff Rosenberger will be absolutely toxic for voters in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District. Whether they’re from Columbus or D.C., the GOP establishment is all-in for their guy, Troy Balderson.”