Mercer County Commissioners Charge Taxpayers $265K Over Political Games With Health Care

COLUMBUS – In Mercer County, Ohio, taxpayers are footing the bill — to the tune of more than a quarter of a million dollars — because their commissioners would rather play political games with county workers’ health care.

“Rather than being fiscally responsible, the Mercer County commissioners have decided they would rather play political games with our tax dollars,” said Mercer County Democratic Party Chair Carrol Jeffries. “If providing our county workers with more comprehensive health care actually saves us money in the process, we should do it — end of story.”

Last week the Celina Daily Standard reported that Mercer County Commissioners had rejected less expensive health care plans offered under the Affordable Care Act because they would require the county to cover preventive health care, including birth control, for their workers. Instead the commissioners chose a plan that cost 8.5 percent more compared to last year — or $265,000.

“There is absolutely no need for politicians to be making decisions for Ohio women about the health care they need,” said Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus Chair Kathy DiCristofaro. “It’s frightening that the Mercer County commissioners believe they should be involved in their workers’ private health care decisions.”