Member of Portman’s African American Leadership Council Refuses to Support Trump, But Portman Still Backing Him As Nominee

COLUMBUS — A new report reveals that a member of Sen. Rob Portman’s African American Leadership Council is now refusing to support Donald Trump in response to his offensive and racist conduct — but Portman himself is still backing Trump if he’s the nominee.

Clarence Mingo, a member of Portman’s African American Leadership Council and a chair of his Franklin County campaign, pointed to Donald Trump’s racist, anti-veteran and other offensive antics as reasons he will abstain from supporting Trump. wrote, “Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo said Trump’s refusal during a CNN interview on Sunday to disavow an endorsement from a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan offended him as an African-American. Mingo, who has Parkinson’s Disease, said Trump’s mocking of a reporter’s disability in November “shocked his conscience.” And he said Trump’s derision in July of Sen. John McCain’s war record “was an early indication of Mr. Trump being unstable and unsuitable to hold this office.””

For his part, Sen. Portman once again confirmed that he will support Trump if he is the nominee: as Patrick Terpstra of Cox Washington Bureau noted on Twitter, “Asked Sen Portman if he’d support Trump if he gets nomination. Said he’ll support eventual nominee.”

In the past, Portman has repeatedly stated he will back Trump.