Taylor’s Top Staffer Took State Salary While Meeting With Kasich-Taylor For Ohio Campaign

COLUMBUS – The Kasich-Taylor For Ohio campaign may have gotten an illegal boost from Ohio taxpayers, who funded a $125,000 salary for Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor’s top advisor to attend at least 19 political meetings and make at least 150 calls with campaign strategists and party fundraisers while on state time, according to a report in today’s Columbus Dispatch.

Reports show that in the time period in question, while being paid by taxpayers, the aide made more phone calls to political strategists than to Taylor herself.

“Today’s revelations that Mary Taylor’s chief of staff apparently was actively involved in the re-election campaign, while being paid by the taxpayers of Ohio, are extremely disturbing,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Her own attorney acknowledges she was doing so to keep Taylor and Governor Kasich ‘in touch with’ what was happening on their re-election campaign. She was talking with all of Kasich’s top political advisors and fundraisers regularly during the workday, and she was even compensated for time she spent at a party fundraiser. Equally damning, the official charged with investigating all of this — who just happens to be a former Taylor staffer — ignored evidence of Taylor’s top aide campaigning on the state’s dime.

“It’s time for Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney Ron O’Brien to step up and give this a full investigation to determine the extent of possible illegal activity. How many staffers were involved with campaigning on state time? Were other staffers instructed to stay quiet? What did Taylor and Kasich themselves know and when did they know it? And why did the inspector general fail to follow up on these blatant facts and report on potential elections law violations?”


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