LaRose Takes Bow On Redistricting Reform After Voting For Most Gerrymandered Maps In Ohio History

COLUMBUS — In 2011, state Sen. Frank LaRose voted for the most gerrymandered district maps in Ohio history, but now that 200,000 Ohioans demanded change by signing petitions for congressional redistricting reform, instead of applauding their effort, he wants to take the credit for himself in a new ad.

“Frank LaRose is trying to hop on the shoulders of 200,000 determined Ohioans and take a bow, but voters will get a chance to decide on Ohio congressional redistricting reform not because of his efforts but because of theirs,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “The real hypocrisy in the ad is that when LaRose had a chance to do something about gerrymandering in 2011, he was part of the Statehouse crew that, behind closed doors, put together the most gerrymandered map in Ohio history. The point of this year’s reform is literally to stop politicians like LaRose from gerrymandering again.

“Ohio deserves a secretary of state who will stand against gerrymandering at every turn, not just when it’s politically convenient.”