LaRose Labor Flip-Flop Shows Working People Can’t Take Him At His Word

Lawmaker Says One Thing, Does Another

COLUMBUS — While Republican state Sen. Frank LaRose has made plans to walk in Toledo’s Labor Day parade, a cursory glance at his record reveals he has repeatedly supported anti-labor Republican attacks on hard-working Ohioans.

“In 2011, Frank LaRose told his constituents he intended to oppose Senate Bill 5 attacking collective bargaining rights for firefighters, teachers, police officers, nurses and other public servants, but less than a week later, he folded and was the deciding vote in favor,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “When Frank LaRose says he’s for something, you better check what the party bosses think, because when the chips are down he always falls in line.”

SB 5 stripped Ohio’s public employees of their rights to collectively bargain for fair wages and safer working conditions. Ohioans overwhelmingly rejected the law, repealing it in a statewide referendum by a 2-1 mark in 2011.

LaRose defended his vote by saying only “slouches” and “slackers” should be worried about changes under SB 5.

“Inferring that some of our public employees are ‘slouches’ and ‘slackers’ is not moderate — it’s straight out of the extremist right-wing, special interest playbook,” said Pepper. “Hard-working Ohioans deserve fair wages, decent benefits and safe working conditions, and can’t afford to put trust in someone who repeatedly says one thing but does another.”