LaRose Isn’t “Bothered” By Blackwell Circulating Conspiracy Theories

COLUMBUS — Frank LaRose hasn’t even been sworn in as Ohio’s top elections official yet, but he’s already acknowledged that political considerations are guiding his decisions — and he’s not “bothered” by his transition chair, Ken Blackwell, circulating conspiracy theories about the Florida election.

“Ken Blackwell is claiming — with zero evidence — that Democrats are ‘manufacturing voters’ in Florida, where Republicans are trying to shut down the counting of absentee ballots,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Donald Trump is Tweeting that ‘new ballots showed up out of nowhere.’ Well, many of those ballots that ‘showed up out of nowhere’ are coming from military voters, who have an extended deadline because they are often serving overseas, far from home, and Florida law — like Ohio law — allows those ballots to be counted if they arrive within 10 days of Election Day.

“Frank LaRose should stand up for military voters. He should condemn Blackwell’s comments and dump him from his transition team. The fact that he won’t raises serious red flags about a tenure as Secretary of State that hasn’t even begun.”