Kasich’s Record in Ohio: Stalled Economic Recovery, Rising Child Poverty, Stagnant Wages

COLUMBUS – Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s disastrous record on jobs and the economy — 35 straight months of Ohio trailing the nation in job growth, rising child poverty and stagnant family income — will be on full display during tonight’s Republican presidential debate on CNBC.

“John Kasich had a ‘fantastic time’ when he was working at one of the Wall Street banks responsible for crashing the global economy, but tonight’s debate on economic issues won’t be fantastic for Kasich,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Kasich has to answer why Ohio has trailed the country in job growth for nearly three years. Kasich has to answer why there are 53,000 more Ohio children living in poverty than during the recession in 2008. Kasich has to answer why the average Ohio household had a higher income three decades ago than it has today.

“Ohio’s economic rebound is largely because of President Obama’s auto rescue — which Kasich opposed, saying ‘we shouldn’t throw good money after bad.’”

Fast Facts on Kasich’s Economic Record