Kasich Singing Snyder’s Tune On So-Called “Right To Work” Legislation

Kasich On RTW: “Not On My Agenda”

THAT STATE UP NORTH — After being thoroughly smacked down by a coalition of Ohio Democrats, labor and other progressive groups in the fight over Senate Bill 5 in 2011, Gov. John Kasich found a new tune to sing about so-called “right to work” legislation — but the song will be distressingly familiar to Michigan’s working families.

Gov. John Kasich claims — just as Gov. Rick Snyder had claimed — that “right to work” is “not on my agenda.”

“As the push for so-called ‘right to work’ legislation moves from state to state, Ohio’s working families deserve a simple yes or no answer from Governor Kasich,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper. “The time for evasions and prevarications is over. Kasich is on the national stage, and for once and for all, he should answer whether he would sign a ‘right to work’ bill or not.”

With the passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, a pivotal case that could have made “right to work” nationwide for public-sector workers — Friedrichs vs. the California Teachers Association — is now likely deadlocked with a 4-4 vote, allowing the lower court’s ruling to stand. For conservatives that may have been counting on a Friedrichs decision to do their dirty work for them, there may be a new urgency to pass “right to work” laws in the states.

A bill authored by GOP Rep. Tom Brinkman to institute “right to work” in Ohio, House Bill 377, began moving through the Ohio House in December.

In 2011, Ohio voters voted by a 61-39 margin to reject Kasich’s attack on public-sector workers, known as Senate Bill 5.