JobsOhio: $1B+ Spent Last Year To Rank 33rd In Job Growth

Keith Faber Backed Shrouding JobsOhio In Secrecy

COLUMBUS — Ohio job growth has “all but stalled” with a paltry 32,200 jobs added last year (compared to 2.1 million nationwide) — yet another failure by Republican politicians who have controlled state government for nearly eight years, with former Senate President Keith Faber playing a leading role.

“These latest figures raise the question why, as senate president, Keith Faber supported shielding the privatized JobsOhio from oversight by the Ohio auditor, the same office to which he now wants promoted,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Ohioans deserve to know if Keith Faber still believes it’s appropriate that billions in taxpayer money should be kept away from public scrutiny, as is the case with JobsOhio.”

When the bill to establish JobsOhio was passed, Faber went so far as to claim it included “a great deal of transparency.”

According to its most recent annual report, JobsOhio took in $1.15 billion in revenue last year. The 32,200 jobs created last year amounts to spending $35,714 in taxpayer money per new job, and represents .015 percent of all new jobs created in the U.S. in 2017. Meanwhile, the Dispatch reported Monday that 34 JobsOhio employees are receiving six-figure salaries — even as Ohio’s job growth sputters.

The latest dismal jobs report joins a number of other lowlights regarding Ohio’s economy under Republican control, including job growth that has trailed the national job creation average for over 5 years. According to U.S. News & World Report, Ohio ranks 32nd in economy, 37th in fiscal stability and 40th in quality of life. The Faber-backed Republican agenda of cutting taxes for the wealthy at the expense of everyone else has also led to huge cuts to local governments resulting in slashing of services and tax hikes at the local level.

“These abysmal job number are the time-tested result of the same ‘trickle-down’ policies that have failed working Ohioans and their families for generations,” Pepper said. “The blame for Ohio’s lagging economic growth lies squarely on the shoulders of politicians like Keith Faber, who has, for decades, supported tax and economic policy geared toward lining the pockets of his big donors and catering to the whims of the special interests who have funded his 18 consecutive years of political campaigns.”