It’s No Joke — “Voodoo” Economics Cheerleader Stephen Moore Is Totally Unqualified For Federal Reserve

COLUMBUS — Donald Trump wants to add Stephen Moore — one of the architects of Ronald Reagan’s “voodoo economics” — to the Federal Reserve Board, despite Moore’s derision of Cleveland and Cincinnati as “the armpits of America.”

“Sherrod Brown is right when he says Stephen Moore’s comments are just the latest ones to  disqualify him to serve on the Federal Reserve, making critical decisions about our nation’s economic future,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “When they think no one but their friends are watching, Republicans like Moore reveal what they actually think about  the great communities of Ohio and the Heartland — and it’s insulting to the people who live here, work here and raise their families here.

“Through his cheerleading for the GOP tax scam under Trump and his support for NAFTA and Reagan’s failed supply-side economics back then, Stephen Moore has pushed for policies that hurt Ohio workers and communities. His disgusting misogynistic remarks about women are downright startling. He cannot be appointed to the Federal Reserve — and Rob Portman should speak out now to stop his appointment.”

Sen. Rob Portman’s spokesperson dismissed Moore’s commentary about Ohio as a “joke” — albeit, “a bad one.” According to his aide, Portman intends to “carefully review Moore’s record and qualifications if he’s nominated.”

“There is nothing left to review, Senator,” said Pepper. “This man is absolutely not suited to this incredibly important post.”

Portman has voted for every single Trump Cabinet and Supreme Court nominee, including:

  • Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch
  • Attorneys General William Barr and Jeff Sessions
  • Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke
  • EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt
  • Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price
  • Education Secretary Betsy DeVos (51-50 vote)