ICYMI: Shifting Suburbs Mean “Ohio Is Very Much Up For Grabs”

In case you missed it… Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper stopped by the Sandusky Register yesterday to preview the upcoming Democratic debates — tonight’s debate in Houston and the October debate, which will be held in the Buckeye State.


  • “Having the debate here is a sign the Democratic Party is playing offense,” Pepper said.

  • Recent elections and polls show that suburban voters, especially women, are moving away from Trump and toward the Democratic Party, Pepper said.

  • “With that seismic shift, Ohio is very much up for grabs,” he said.

  • Pepper said the election next year in Ohio has the potential to make Trump a one-term president but it also could be the election that ends gerrymandering.

  • If Democrats win two more seats on the Ohio Supreme Court next year, they can take control, a move that will help end gerrymandering, he said. Jennifer Brunner, a former Democratic secretary of state, has announced she will run for the Ohio Supreme Court next year, Pepper said.

  • Pepper said Ohio remains a swing state, not a Republican state. In races for the Ohio House last year, the number of votes cast for Democrats vs. Republicans was virtually a tie, he said.


Sandusky Register: Pepper says Ohio could end Trump presidency