ICYMI — Richland County Officials: Trump’s Emergency Declaration Puts “Lives At Risk”

In case you missed it… Local officials in Richland County spoke out yesterday at the Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport — home to the 179th Airlift Wing — to highlight how Ohio jobs and our nation’s security are at risk because of President Donald Trump’s diversion of funds from vital military construction projects for a wall at the southern border.

Mansfield News Journal: Trump’s emergency declaration puts ‘lives at risk,’ local officials say

… David Pepper, Ohio Democratic Party chairman, and Norm Shoemaker, president of the Mid Ohio Area AFL-CIO Council, among others, said the president’s declaration of a national emergency could jeopardize the construction of a new $13 million fire station at the 179th Airlift Wing of the Ohio National Guard Base.

Postponing the construction of a new fire station could put the lives of servicemen and women on the airbase at risk, Pepper said, who called Trump’s border wall a “vanity project.”

He added that statehouse Democratic and Republican lawmakers are working to ensure the projects move forward without delay.

“I feel it’s our responsibility to make sure these young heroes, at this airbase, have what they need to succeed, and our lives may depend on that,” Shoemaker said.

“We now find the funding that had been promised to our servicemen and women in writing, signed by our commander in chief, is being used as a political pawn in this failed attempt to secure funding for his wall.”

“Our nation’s security is real and it must not be supplanted by a fake crisis,” said Shelby City Councilman Garland Gates.

“One person, the president, is hurting Ohio, he’s hurting Ohio jobs, he’s hurting Ohio”s economy, and we’re here today to speak out and make sure we do everything we can to keep that from happening,” Pepper said.

Don Bryant, chairman of Mansfield City Council’s airport committee, said the airport benefits Mansfield and is key to the city’s “economic development strategy.”

“Protecting the airport’s future should not be a partisan issue,” Bryant said.

WMFD: Ohio Democrats Say Funding Should Stay In Mansfield

State and local Democrats say that Trump’s decision could lead to the loss or delay of $112 million in Ohio military construction projects that bipartisan congressional majorities have approved. One of those projects is a $13 million renovation at the Ohio Air National Guard Base at Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport.

“We wanted to really speak out today about the need to keep the funding here, where it was promised by Congress, and to not let it be diverted,” said David Pepper, Chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party. “All the stuff in D.C. is chaotic… what gets lost is there’s a real impact to that stuff. Back in communities like Mansfield, Richland County… there are a lot of jobs at stake.”