ICYMI — Rachel Maddow: Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose “Decreeing” No New Dropboxes “On The Basis Of Nobody Knows What”

In case you missed it… Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose’s arbitrary decision to block county boards of elections from installing additional dropboxes to help more voters return their absentee ballots safely and securely is drawing criticism, with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow calling out the secretary for “just decreeing that … on the basis of nobody knows what.”

State Rep. Bride Rose Sweeney called out LaRose’s move to limit dropboxes:

“This choice to make voting more chaotic is confounding. If he has the authority to require one drop box, he has the authority to require multiple drop boxes.”

In addition, Sweeney noted:

“Cuyahoga County has 1 million people and one ballot drop box. That led to traffic jams in the chaotic primary election.”

The Ohio president of the A. Philip Randolph Institute also criticized LaRose’s action:

“Why should [I] have to pack my kids up, gas the car up, pack a picnic basket and drive all the way to the other side of town just to drop my ballot off?” he said during a Columbus Metropolitan Club forum with LaRose where they discussed the decision. “I’m truly upset because now people are going to be disenfranchised about the election process.”

From MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show:

In related news, you should know that in the perennial swing state of Ohio, they’ve got their own new trouble. There’s a Republican secretary of state there who today announced that local officials are not allowed to put out any new dropboxes for people to drop off their ballots, right?

That’s one of the safeguards just in case the mail is slow in getting people their ballots or in case people are worried it’ll be too slow for sending back their ballots. If you’re worried about that or something’s gone wrong in terms of the mail being screwed up with you requesting and receiving a ballot, filling it in and mailing it back in, one of the safeguards that Ohio had put in place and lots of states had put in place, that instead of putting your completed ballot in the mail you can drop it off at a dropbox specifically set up for this purpose. That’s the way they do it in states all over the place that have lots of experience voting by mail.

But in Ohio, where they’re going to be voting by mail this year, as per the secretary of state today, no new dropboxes are allowed, to make it convenient for people to drop off their completed ballots. You can have one dropbox at the local elections board but no more, that’s it. According to the Republican secretary of state today he says, quote, boards of election are prohibited from installing a dropbox at any other location other than the board of elections.

Now, why is he saying that? That is not like in the law in Ohio. He’s not telling you what the law is. He’s just declaring that. The Republican secretary of state in Ohio just decreeing that today on the basis of nobody knows what. Right, but you can see the flowchart here. You know, screw up the mail, then screw up any chance of people being able to circumvent any problems they have with the mail, by taking away or at least making very inconvenient their chance to submit their ballot in some other way. And of course they’re doing it in Ohio, right?

This is going to be a wild election everywhere that Republican and pro-Trump officials have any control over the way the election is conducted.


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