ICYMI: On Day One of DeWine Administration, Advocates Call on Governor to Keep Health Care Promises

In case you missed it… In advance of Gov. Mike DeWine’s public swearing-in ceremony, Ohio health care experts and grassroots activists called on the governor to keep his campaign promises at a news conference outside the Ohio Statehouse yesterday.

From the Columbus Dispatch:

“It’s important that Gov. DeWine look at the actions he can take to make sure everyone is protected, that everyone continues to have heath care coverage, whether they have pre-existing conditions or not,” said Steve Wagner, executive director of the Universal Health Care Action Network.

Dan Skinner, a professor of health policy at Ohio University, said DeWine can continue to ensure low-income Ohioans have access to health care coverage, or follow some other Republican lawmakers and President Donald Trump in advocating “new barriers to Medicaid.”

“During the campaign, Gov. DeWine was kind of grudgingly pulled toward the Medicaid expansion. He was never an enthusiastic supporter of it,” Skinner said. “The real question for Gov. DeWine will be, when the state legislature comes after Medicaid … will he actually push back.”

Work requirements, for example, could be approved soon by the Trump administration. But, Skinner said, most people on Medicaid who can work already do, but the requirement could push thousands of people off Medicaid, “not because they’re not working, but because of the bureaucratic barriers that the work requirements put in place to prove that.”

From WBNS:

Dr. Daniel Skinner: “During the campaign, Candidate DeWine promised that he would keep the [Medicaid] expansion, which benefits and provides health care access to almost three-quarters of a million Ohioans. So we’re here today to say, even though he was kind of pushed during the political season, we’re making sure that has legislative teeth.”

From WSYX:

Mindy Hedges: “What I’m asking our new Governor DeWine to do is not forget his promises to us because our lives are in his hands and in their hands now.”

From WCMH:

Steve Wagner: “Right now people with pre-existing conditions can’t be denied coverage; they can’t lose their coverage in health care. There aren’t caps on how much can be spent on their coverage. So if they have a condition that results in a lot of medical expenses, they can’t lose their coverage simply because they’ve exhausted the amount that the insurance company can pay.”


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