ICYMI: Ohio GOP’s Endorsement “Raises Legitimate Questions for a Party Facing Serious Challenges” and “Infighting Sets Up Fierce… Primary Fight”

In case you missed it… Last week the Ohio Republican Party anointed Mike DeWine as their party’s presumptive nominee — and according to the Canton Repository editorial board, the Ohio GOP’s process “raises legitimate questions for a party facing serious challenges as the 2018 statewide elections approach.”

A Nexstar broadcast story noted that Ohio Republican Party “infighting” is setting up a “fierce gubernatorial primary fight.”

Canton Repository (editorial): Taylor raises real concerns for party

While it would be easy to dismiss Taylor’s venom as sour grapes, Friday’s swift vote raises legitimate questions for a party facing serious challenges as the 2018 statewide elections approach.

Why not wait? Why not debate? What was the rush? Why allow the DeWine-Jon Husted ticket to tell voters, basically: “We’ll see you in November”?

Why perpetuate the perception the Republican Party, at the state and national levels, has a “women problem” and misogynistic tendencies? It was only a couple of weeks ago that several female Ohio lawmakers — Democrats and Republicans — were calling for the resignation of two GOP male peers who had made lewd comments and joked about sexual harassment at a retirement party.

DeWine and Husted already have taken some heat as the only major-party ticket without a woman running for either governor or lieutenant governor. To dismiss Taylor so abruptly and give her (or the Democrats) another opening to raise gender as an issue against the Republican Party seems, if nothing else, as politically tone deaf.

Nexstar: OH GOP infighting sets up fierce gubernatorial primary fight

[Taylor] then acknowledged the press and mentioned that it was good they were present to televise DeWine’s coronation. Her words dripped with venom and the heat burning in her eyes was unmistakable. She had no intention of trying to win any supporters in this room.

After explaining how she felt she would be the best candidate for the nomination, she once again took a swipe at DeWine and the party establishment.

“His entire campaign has been built on the air of inevitability; a false belief that it is his turn,” Taylor said.

DeWine and his wife Fran watched from the back of the room, the State Attorney General clutching the back of a chair. Then Taylor dropped all pretenses completely.

“I’m not asking for your endorsement here today,” Taylor said. “With all of the good ol’ boy bullying and backroom deals that have got us to this point; I’m not sure I even want it.”

The last candidate to address the committee was Sandra O’Brien. She’s running for State Treasurer. After explaining how she felt she was the most qualified individual to be the GOP’s nominee for Treasurer, she began to echo strands of what Taylor was saying at the beginning of the meeting.

“We Republicans have a problem,” O’Brien said. “A women problem.”