ICYMI: Ohio Democrats Tour Southern Ohio, Call Out Trump’s Broken Promises on Health Care

In case you missed it… Ohio Democrats toured southern Ohio yesterday, making stops in Ironton, Chillicothe and Marietta, to call out Donald Trump’s broken promises on health care, as Ohio saw its uninsured rate jump in 2018 and the number of uninsured kids in the Buckeye State rose by 28 percent from 2016 to 2018.


Ohio Democrats say, since Donald Trump became president, more Ohioans are without health insurance.

And they say, in just the past two years, prescription drug prices have gone up 20 times.

“More recently, he has said something he was called out on rather loudly,” David Pepper, Chairman, Ohio Democratic Party, said in a visit to Marietta Wednesday, “when he said he was the person who has saved pre-existing conditions. We know that’s not true.”

Pepper said 58,000 more Ohioans are uninsured than in 2017, and 30,000 more children are without coverage.

Democrat Shawna Roberts, who this year is challenging Republican Congressman Bill Johnson in Johnson’s re-election bid, had a personal story about a man she met recently, whose son had trouble paying his medical bills.

“He had been talking to his son the day before, and he said he had been having chest pains,” Roberts recalls. “The father said, ‘you should go to a doctor’, and the son said, ‘I’m still paying on the last time I had to go to the doctor, and I don’t think I will’. The next day, he was dead.”

Democrats are also bracing for a ruling on a suit challenging the Affordable Care Act, by a U.S. Supreme Court with two Trump appointees.

“When it is decided, either this year or next,” Pepper says, “if Donald Trump gets his way, that will gut the Affordable Care Act, and get rid of pre-existing conditions.”

Pepper is skeptical of a plan recently announced by West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, one Morrisey says will preserve pre-existing conditions if the suit is upheld.

Pepper and other Democrats also made stops in Chillicothe and Ironton.

Members of the Ohio Democratic Party are traveling the southeastern part of the Buckeye State on Wednesday.

Those travel plans included a stop in Ironton where two candidates and the Chair of the Ohio Democratic Party spoke on an issue they believe is central to voters in rural areas: health care. They argued the president has not kept his promise when it comes to insurance and affordable healthcare.

From the Ironton Tribune:

The chairman of Ohio’s Democratic Party made a stop in Ironton on Wednesday to highlight what he said were the differences in his party and Republicans on the issue of health care.

David Pepper spoke at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites , along with Ryan Ottney, of New Boston, who is running for the 14th District state Senate seat and Shawna Roberts, who is running for the congressional seat held by U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson, R-Ohio.

“There’s so much going on in politics,” Pepper said. “There’s a tweet a day, but we know when most Ohioans vote, the most important issue for them will be health care.”

Pepper said his party is “very committed to broad access to health care and protecting those with pre-existing conditions.”

“Donald Trump promised he would do that as president, but it hasn’t happened,” Pepper said.

He said health care costs are up and that protections for pre-existing conditions are threatened by a Trump-backed lawsuit before the U.S. Supreme Court.

“If he wins that, many Ohioans are at risk of losing care,” Pepper said.

He said if Republicans move to end Medicaid expansion, provided by the Affordable Care Act signed into law by President Barack Obama, more Ohioans will lose health care.

Ottney said his party is focused on capping the price of insulin, protecting those with pre-existing conditions and working on the issue of infant mortality.

“Republicans are doing things like putting out work requirements for those on Medicaid,” he said.

“These are people who are sick and elderly. Where are they supposed to find jobs?” Ottney said as many as 60,000 could lose Medicaid coverage in Ohio and many people without insurance are hesitant to seek care. “They’re afraid to go to the doctor,” he said. “They’re afraid of the cost. They just try to ride out the illness.”

Pepper said that the number of uninsured in Ohio rose in 2018, something that happened in seven other states. He said the uninsured rate for children has risen 28 percent from 2016-2018, amounting to nearly 30,000 children. “(Gov. Mike) DeWine and folks in Columbus say they’re not able to explain it,” Pepper said. “But there has been a nonstop attack on health care.”

Pepper said Republicans and Trump have failed to follow through on promises on health care. “Instead, things have been going in the opposite direction,” he said. Pepper also made stops in Chillicothe and Marietta on Wednesday to speak on the issue with local candidates.

From WKKJ:

As a heated race for the U.S. Presidency draws nearer, the Ohio Democratic Party is out stumping for the DNC.

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper paid visits to Ironton and Chillicothe in southern Ohio on Wednesday.

Chairman Pepper stopped into Chillicothe’s United Steelworkers Local 731 to speak on what he calls President Donald Trump’s broken promises on health care.

“Like a lot of other things, he made a lot of pretty bold promises that he wasn’t going to touch people’s insurance and that he was going to fight the pharmaceutical companies and negotiate lower prices,” said Chairman Pepper. “The truth is, he’s done a lot of tweeting and a lot of other things, and none of that has happened.”

Citing a report from Cleveland.com, Chairman Pepper said Ohio was one of eight states that saw its uninsured rate jump in 2018. He said one group that has been particularly hard-hit is Ohio kids.

“For years after the Affordable Care Act, the uninsured rate in Ohio dropped by a lot, it dropped by half. That included children. Since Trump’s been President, the uninsured rate has increased,” said Chairman Pepper. “The children’s uninsured rate has gone up like 28-percent. About 30-thousand kids are now not insured who were. And we all know that drug prices despite efforts in the House to lower them, nothing has been done beyond that and drug prices are going up.”

Chairman Pepper also spoke on a lawsuit undertaken by Republicans to repeal the entire Affordable Care Act, passed into law under the Obama Administration in 2010. He said if the President and Republicans are successful, it would negatively impact those with pre-existing conditions.

“Maybe the worst part though is that they are in court right now trying to stop the Affordable Care Act,” said Chairman Pepper. “If they are successful, and this is Trump and a bunch of Republicans, the Affordable Care Act will go away and so will protections for those with pre-existing conditions.”

Chairman Pepper also said a repeal of the Affordable Care Act would [also] lead to negative economic consequences.

“So many Ohio jobs, private sector jobs, are tied to healthcare. So if they succeed in getting rid of the Affordable Care Act, the Ohio Hospital Association has said that puts in jeopardy one out of every four Ohio hospitals,” said Chairman Pepper. “The most at-risk hospitals would be those in rural Ohio that aren’t quite as big as the ones in our big cities.”

Pepper wrapped up by touting the efforts by Democrats to reduce prescription drug costs, and fight for those with pre-existing conditions.

“The Democrats have passed a law in the House which would work very hard to reduce drug costs, and it has not moved forward in the Senate, and the President hasn’t signed it,” said Chairman Pepper. “The other thing the Democrats will do is to continue to fight to support those with pre-existing conditions.”

Chairman Pepper was joined at the United Steelworkers Local 731 by Ohio House candidate Beth Workman and congressional candidates Joel Newby and Daniel Kilgore.


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