ICYMI — Kathleen Clyde Leading in Polls and Fundraising, Earning Key Endorsements

In case you missed it… With less than one week to go, Kathleen Clyde is now leading in a new public poll, continuing to outraise her opponent and earning key newspaper endorsements.

This is a campaign with momentum, and Kathleen is well-positioned heading into Election Day.


According to a new Baldwin Wallace University poll released this week, Kathleen is now leading Frank LaRose by more than 6 percentage points, after being tied just a few weeks ago.

Kathleen is beating LaRose with women voters by nearly 13 percentage points (43.1 percent to 30.3 percent). She is also leading with independent (other) voters by nearly 15 percentage points (32.1 percent to 17.5 percent).

Baldwin Wallace University Poll (Oct. 30)

Kathleen Clyde – 39.8 percent

Frank LaRose – 33.7 percent

Baldwin Wallace University Poll (Oct. 8)

Kathleen Clyde – 32.6 percent

Frank LaRose – 32.6 percent

This result mirrors internal Democratic Party polling — a Public Policy Polling tracking poll from early October had the race tied at 42 percent, but a PPP poll from late October had Kathleen up by 3 percentage points (45 percent to 42 percent).

The boost in Kathleen’s poll numbers coincided with her campaign launching its first television ad on Oct. 10, a positive bio spot called “Getting Along.” She has been up on the airwaves ever since, with a contrast TV spot called “Clean” and a positive online ad called “Reach” launching last week.


The Clyde campaign has raised nearly $3 million to date from more than 22,000 individual donations and has raised more than any Democratic secretary of state candidate in Ohio history.

In the most recent fundraising period, Kathleen once again outraised her GOP opponent, bringing in more than $385,000, more than $100,000 above LaRose’s total.


Clyde has earned key newspaper endorsements in recent weeks:

Akron Beacon Journal, Oct. 16

“[S]he has represented one of the more competitive districts in the House. She gets the bipartisan essence and larger responsibilities of the secretary of state. She wants a more fair, secure and accessible elections system for Ohio.”

Cleveland Plain Dealer, Oct. 21

“Clyde, an election law expert, has been a steady supporter of Ohioans’ voting rights and of making it easier for Ohioans to exercise those rights.”

Elyria Chronicle-Telegram, Oct. 26

“[W]e are convinced Clyde would fight harder to protect voter rights over the next four years, especially in the runup to the 2020 presidential election.”