ICYMI — “It’s Called The Affordable Care Act, By The Way”

In case you missed it… Facing off in the first debate since the August special election in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District, Danny O’Connor took no prisoners, as he challenged Troy Balderson on his opposition to the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid expansion and protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

From the Columbus Dispatch:

At that point, Balderson, responding to a question by O’Connor, said he would vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but would not end coverage for pre-existing conditions. “I have never once stated that I would not do that.”

That’s a part of the Affordable Care Act,” O’Connor said.

Balderson said there is other legislation that could protect pre-existing conditions.

It’s called the Affordable Care Act, by the way,” O’Connor said.

Congress, O’Connor said, is serving big pharma and insurance companies. “I don’t take any of their money. My opponent does. He’ll do whatever they tell him to do. When they come into my office, I’m going to throw them the hell out.

Another moment highlighted the contrast between O’Connor and Balderson on health care:


Balderson: We have saved $200 million in the last three GAs working on Medicaid and making costs come down.

O’Connor: Well if that’s how much a life is worth from someone who doesn’t have health care access.

Balderson: You can still provide health care. This is not about taking anything away.

O’Connor: One in every three people in Muskingum County are on Medicaid.

Balderson: Danny, I want health care for everybody.

O’Connor: One in every three, Troy.

Balderson: I want health care for everybody. I want people to have access to health…

O’Connor: We need more compassion in government for working people.

Balderson: And we can do that.

O’Connor: Then why do you want to throw people off their health care?

Balderson: I’m not going to throw them off their health care.

O’Connor: You just said you oppose Medicaid expansion.

Balderson: That’s not throwing them off their health…

O’Connor: One in every three of your neighbors here…

Balderson: That’s not throwing them off their health care.

O’Connor: If they don’t have Medicaid where are they going to go?

Balderson: Danny, that is not throwing them off their health care.

O’Connor: One in every three.

Balderson: We have federally qualified health centers in this community.

O’Connor: Well you’ve said counties don’t even have doctors.

Balderson: Danny, there are some counties out there that don’t.

O’Connor: No there aren’t. If you’re watching this tonight just Google it. Every county in your old senate district has a doctor. All you gotta do is go on Google and you’ll find them.

Balderson: OK.

Moderator: OK let’s move on unless you have something to add Congressman Balderson?

Balderson: I have nothing to add.

Moderator: OK.

“I have nothing to add.”



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