ICYMI: Columbus Dispatch: Voter Eligibility Listed Incorrectly For 20K+ Ohioans

In case you missed it… Last evening — just before Secretary of State Frank LaRose is set to remove hundreds of thousands of Ohioans from the rolls today — the Columbus Dispatch revealed yet another error with the state’s voter registration system, affecting more than 20,000 registered voters in just a single county.

Despite multiple instances of discrepancies with the registration lists, LaRose is still moving forward with today’s voter purge.

From Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper:

“The last few weeks have been a five-alarm fire when it comes to the integrity and accuracy of Ohio’s voter list. So many errors, of so many different types, found by outside groups and journalists, should compel action by the Secretary of State to get to the bottom of it all through an outside audit. Instead, he insists on moving forward with today’s purge of hundreds of thousands of voters. It is unacceptable that any active voters might be disenfranchised because of government errors and through no fault of their own. Furthermore, the issues that have been brought forward — through the news media and by good government and voting rights groups — bring the integrity of our entire system into question.”

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has previously called on Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose to delay the purge.


  • League of Women Voters of Ohio Executive Director Jen Miller (one of the Franklin County voters whose registration status was incorrectly listed!): “We do not think that the state should be removing any voter from the voter rolls until we first get a handle on the accuracy of our voter registration system. These reg systems should be beyond reproach. We should be 100 percent guaranteed that these registration rolls are right and there cannot be inconsistencies between county and state voter rolls. The public deserves to know that maintenance is done correctly.”

  • Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper: “Errors such as these, and discrepancies between county and state voter files, go directly to the heart of the integrity of Ohio’s election system. Until the public knows exactly what’s happening in Franklin and other counties where discrepancies exist, how far the issues extend and how the problems are being fixed, Ohio’s voter purges must be halted, and a statewide, independent audit must be undertaken.”

  • Pepper: “The secretary of state’s office must end the secretive posture they’ve taken, confronting these problems behind closed doors while publicly claiming, including in court, that their files are in good order. They clearly are not. Our system’s integrity demands total transparency from the people who oversee our elections, so registered voters can feel confident that their names will be on the rolls when they show up to vote and their votes will be counted when they cast their ballots.”


Columbus Dispatch: Voter eligibility listed incorrectly for 20,000-plus Franklin County residents