ICYMI — Cleveland.com: Troubled Charter School ECOT Becomes Focus of Ohio Attorney General’s Race

In case you missed it… Cleveland.com on Friday highlighted the major vulnerability that the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) poses for Dave Yost’s attorney general campaign.

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper said:

“Whether it was corruption or incompetence, Dave Yost will need to answer for enabling ECOT’s $80 million scam that allowed one of his biggest donors to get away with millions, left taxpayers on the hook and Ohio’s children out in the cold.

“The Yost/ECOT timeline is damning — Dave Yost was taking political contributions from ECOT at the very same time he was supposed to be looking out for taxpayers. Yost’s campaign claimed that his donors only get ‘good government,’ for their campaign cash. ECOT got exactly what it wanted when it handed Yost three checks in the middle of an investigation, and it wasn’t good government. In fact — Dave Yost gave ECOT his ‘Auditor of State Award with Distinction’ for their excellent record-keeping. It’s an outrage.”



  • Democratic attorney general candidate Steve Dettelbach signaled Friday he plans to make a campaign issue out of Republican rival Dave Yost’s history with a troubled Ohio online charter school.

  • “For years, politicians failed to ask for ECOT’s actual attendance books and hold them accountable for cheating taxpayers, because they were too busy cashing campaign checks from those associated with the school,” Dettelbach, a former U.S. attorney, said Friday in a speech in Westerville.

  • Yost, the Ohio auditor, over the years has received campaign donations from companies and people affiliated with ECOT, totaling at least $29,000. And for some of that time, Yost’s office was checking the school system’s books.

  • Yost received donations in December 2014 totaling $7,500 from ECOT-related entities and people. Around the same time, his office investigated claims of wrongdoing within ECOT, and found none.

  • Yost attended the 2014 ECOT graduation and delivered a commencement address at an ECOT graduation in 2015.



Cleveland.com: Troubled charter school ECOT becomes focus of Ohio attorney general’s race