He’s Back: Larry Householder Holds Court At Ohio Statehouse, As GOP Colleagues Refuse To Expel Him

COLUMBUS — Thanks to a vote by Ohio House Republicans in late July to keep him as their colleague, Larry Householder has returned to the scene of the (alleged) crime.

Today the former speaker, now-indicted legislator held court — without a facial covering, flouting the statewide mask mandate — at the Ohio Statehouse, where he still has a taxpayer-funded salary and benefits, and presented himself as a victim.

“Just as Donald Trump failed to learn his lesson after Senate Republicans let him off the hook, Larry Householder has been emboldened by his GOP colleagues’ refusal to remove him from office,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “He now claims to be some sort of victim of a political hit job, but it’s actually the people of Ohio who have been the victims in this situation. The Ohio Republican Party looked the other way when it was clear Larry Householder was up to his old tricks, and his colleagues are still benefiting from Householder’s ill-gotten campaign cash. What’s next? A belated birthday fundraiser for Larry Householder on the Statehouse steps?”