Health Advocates and Policy Experts Demand Mike DeWine Stop Ducking Health Care Questions

Three Times DeWine Refused to Answer Yes or No Whether He Plans to End Gov. John Kasich’s Medicaid Expansion

COLUMBUS — As Mike DeWine refused to answer three separate yes or no questions about repealing Ohio’s Medicaid expansion program during today’s editorial board interview, health care advocates and policy experts held a news conference at the Ohio Statehouse to call on DeWine to protect health coverage for 700,000 Ohioans.

“The 700,000 Ohioans who rely on Medicaid expansion want to know where Mike DeWine stands, and the thousands of Ohioans who work in clinics and hospitals around the state also deserve to know,” said Ohio University Assistant Professor of Health Policy Daniel Skinner. “While I don’t agree with Mary Taylor’s position, at least she’s telling the voters where she stands.”

A 15-ft.-tall inflatable duck accompanied the news conference, which was held directly across the street from the James A. Rhodes State Office Tower, where DeWine’s office is located.

Last week Gov. John Kasich “advised his fellow Republicans… to keep the Medicaid expansion.”

Here is a transcript of DeWine ducking Taylor’s questions about ending Kasich’s Medicaid expansion:

TAYLOR: I think that the question is pretty clear. Mike DeWine will you end the Medicaid expansion? Yes or no?

DEWINE: It will not exist, Mary. Of course…

TAYLOR: Yes or no. Will you end the Medicaid expansion?

DEWINE: Mary, it will not exist as we know it today. It can’t, and it was your administration that took it. And…

TAYLOR: John Kasich

DEWINE: That was all John? You had nothing to do that, huh?

TAYLOR: You served as Lt. Governor. Do you understand the responsibility of the Lt. Governor?

DEWINE: Alright, alright. I just wanted.. it’s fine.

TAYLOR: It’s one of all of the offices you’ve served.

DEWINE: I served as Lt. Governor and I did a lot of things, Mary. A lot of things that made a big difference.

TAYLOR: You still won’t answer the question.

DEWINE: I don’t think you have. You can’t list three or four things that you’ve done.

TAYLOR: Will you end the Medicaid expansion?

CLEVELAND.COM: Let me ask another question before we get to the close.