GOP Senators Pass Unconstitutional Bill With Goal Of Banning Abortion In Ohio

COLUMBUS — Rather than passing legislation to address the growing disparity in mortality rates between black and white babies or the rising number of Ohio kids without health insurance, Ohio Senate Republicans today passed an unconstitutional bill that is intended to effectively ban all abortion in the state.

“Republican politicians in Columbus are doing the bidding of right-wing special interest groups and lobbyists, instead of focusing on an agenda to support Ohio women and help Ohio kids,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Rather than dealing with infant mortality or children’s health insurance, the Ohio GOP is pushing plainly unconstitutional legislation that is designed to ban abortion in the state. They offer no exceptions and no compassion for victims of sexual assault or incest.

“A woman should have the ability to make her own personal decision about whether or not to become a parent. No politician should interfere in that decision. This bill is a disgrace, and it will endanger women’s lives in Ohio.”