Gayle Manning’s Push To Crack Down On Dark-Money Ads Comes After Benefiting From Dark-Money Ads

COLUMBUS — State Rep. Gayle Manning held a news conference last week to promote new legislation designed to crack down on dark-money political ads and end the “the shell game of hiding money,” but Manning benefited from that shell game in 2014 when a shadowy super PAC run by one of Josh Mandel’s former operatives spent big to support her re-election.

“Gayle Manning’s hypocrisy on the issue of political dark money is absolutely stunning,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokesperson Kirstin Alvanitakis. “She is pretending to be a great champion of transparency, when she won her 2014 Senate race with a helping hand from a dark-money group called the ‘Concrete and Portland Cement Action Network.’ That might sound like an innocuous industry group, but it’s really a super PAC that got most of its contributions from other conservative political action committees. The shell games continue because the Republican operatives behind the group are still at it, and they were connected to the dark-money groups that spent big opposing Larry Householder in 2018. Ultimately, this isn’t just about Householder — this is about an Ohio GOP infrastructure that is awash in dark money, with candidates that are propped up by shadowy super PACs that funnel money from other super PACs.”

Householder and his alleged criminal enterprise worked hand in hand with the Ohio Republican Party, which received significant financial support from the indicted lawmaker, helped to circulate hacked info to benefit a Team Householder candidate and now is taking over the smoldering embers of Team Householder.