Following The Lead Of Donald Trump, Yost’s Plan Calls For More Guns In Schools

COLUMBUS — Ohio’s Republican Attorney General candidate Dave Yost followed the lead of President Donald Trump Monday with the release of a safety plan for Buckeye State schools that includes putting more firearms in the hands of teachers and staff.

“Dave Yost’s plan shows he doesn’t have what it takes to keep Ohio safe,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Ohio needs leaders willing to do the hard work it will take to reduce gun violence in our communities. But instead of committing to the job, Yost’s plan puts more guns in our schools and shifts responsibility for safety to education employees. We can do better.”

Here are the people and organizations that support and oppose arming teachers:

Support Oppose
Donald Trump

Dave Yost

Mike DeWine

Mary Taylor

Ohio Education Association

Ohio Federation of Teachers

Ohio Fraternal Order of Police

National Association of School Resource Officers

Public health experts

National Education Association

American Federation of Teachers

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Violence Policy Center


An official with the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence called Trump’s proposal a “colossally stupid idea,” while a Harvard School of Public Health professor called it “crazy.”