Faber Keeps Spinning on the Issue of Gerrymandering

COLUMBUS — Speaking to the Ohio Republican Party’s governing body today, Rep. Keith Faber, the Republican candidate for state auditor, distorted the efforts of the non-partisan campaign to reform congressional redistricting — an issue that, as senate president, Faber opposed even when his own party’s governor publicly called for it.

“Today’s remark by Keith Faber to the Ohio Republican Party Central Committee further confirms that he is uniquely unfit to represent the people of Ohio on the Redistricting Commission. We already know that Faber personally intervened at the last minute in the 2011 redistricting process to gerrymander his home into Ohio’s 4th Congressional District from Ohio’s 6th. Keith Faber has proven, throughout his decades-long tenure in ‘public service,’ that he is singularly focused on partisan gain and advancing his own career. By mocking the millions of Ohioans who believe in fair districts and fair elections, Keith Faber once again demonstrates that he is nothing more than a creature of Ohio’s broken political system and an enemy of honest and transparent government.”

Last month Cleveland.com published emails from Ohio Republicans who coordinated in secret to draw the state’s legislative and congressional district maps. An email between then-Senate President Tom Niehaus and staffers for Boehner and the GOP said Faber had “last minute ‘tweaks’” to the maps.

As legislative leaders during last session, Faber and Cliff Rosenberger stymied efforts by Gov. John Kasich to pursue congressional redistricting reform. Faber expressed concern about taking away “legislative authority” to redraw the lines for members of Congress.