Faber Fundraising Pitch Hits Peak Hypocrisy

COLUMBUS — In a staggering slice of shameless hypocrisy, a fundraising email Wednesday from Republican state auditor candidate Keith Faber tries to prey on potential donors’ opposition to gerrymandering and corrupt special interests despite Faber’s status as one of Ohio’s worst offenders on both issues.


“Keith Faber is trying to scare donors about the risks of gerrymandering and special interests when it is common knowledge that he is one of the Columbus kingpins of both gerrymandering and currying favor with special interests,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper.

Faber played an infamous role in the 2011 gerrymandering of Ohio, where he made ‘last-minute tweaks’ to the most gerrymandered maps in Ohio history, rigging his own home district as part of a drawing process that included Republicans bunkering down behind closed doors in a secret hotel room,” Pepper said. “And when it comes to special interests, Faber also has the market cornered, taking huge checks totaling at least $223,000 for himself and his caucus from ECOT affiliates, while working behind the scenes to push through laws that culminated in the corrupt e-charter bilking Ohio taxpayers out of $80 million.

Faber sponsored the bill that gave fiscal sponsors — who have a financial incentive to enroll students — the authority to oversee failing charter schools such as the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, a law that kicked off Ohio’s “wild west” approach to charter school education.

Faber also added a “mystery pro-ECOT amendment” to the latest state budget just last year, and in 2016 he delayed implementation of charter regulations by adding in special provisions for ECOT and placing an ECOT donor recipient on the Ohio General Assembly joint rules committee.

Also in 2016, Faber literally rallied for ECOT and used his position as senate president to block attempts at oversight of ECOT’s attendance records.