Executive Committee Endorses Resolutions on Redistricting, “Chartergate” Scandal

COLUMBUS – The Ohio Democratic Party’s executive committee today endorsed a resolution in support of Issue 1, the constitutional amendment on redistricting that will be on this fall’s ballot, and a resolution calling for an independent investigation into the Kasich administration’s “Chartergate” scandal.

“The Ohio Democratic Party will always stand up for fairness and more accountability in government,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “The redistricting proposal is a step toward more competitive legislative districts. When we see more competitive districts, we will likely see legislators who are more responsive to their constituents.

“Ohioans remember Coingate — Chartergate is worse than Coingate. Ohio’s for-profit charter school system costs taxpayers $1 billion, and it’s rife with waste, fraud and abuse. Worst of all, it has been failing our kids and leaving many of them in educational limbo. Today the Ohio Democratic Party called for an independent investigation into the Kasich administration’s for-profit charter school data scrubbing scandal. We also give our strong support to the vigilant efforts of Democratic legislators and state school board members to take the necessary steps to fix this long-broken system.”

The executive committee also endorsed resolutions honoring the recently passed Congressman Louis Stokes and Columbiana County Chair Dennis Johnson.

Click here to view the resolutions passed today.