Executive Committee Endorses Resolutions Supporting Ohio Workers and Planned Parenthood

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party’s executive committee took strong stands today for workers and women’s health, and against the parade of extreme legislation emerging from the Republican-dominated Statehouse.

“The courageous staff and volunteers of Planned Parenthood confront real and significant security threats on a regular basis in order to provide critical health services, like cancer and STI screenings, comprehensive sex education and domestic violence prevention counseling to nearly 80,000 Ohioans,” said Chairman David Pepper. “The Ohio Democratic Party stands with Planned Parenthood in opposing House Bill 294 and Senate Bill 214, two extreme and draconian pieces of legislation that would render deep damage to Ohio’s entire health system if passed.”

Ohio Democrats also passed a resolution opposing the so-called “right to work” legislation now being considered in the House, as well as recent legislation that would dramatically cut unemployment insurance compensation for Ohio working families that are already struggling.

“Ohio voters spoke loud and clear against anti-worker ideology when we rejected Senate Bill 5 overwhelmingly.  Its sad we have to continue to spend time fighting these battles instead of pushing for policies that would actually lift wages, Pepper said.

Click here and here to view the resolutions endorsed today.