Elected Officials In Lucas County: Trump’s Emergency Declaration Puts Ohio Jobs At Risk

In case you missed it… Elected officials in Lucas County spoke out yesterday at the Toledo Express Airport — home to the 180th fighter wing  — to highlight how Ohio jobs and our nation’s security are at risk because of President Donald Trump’s diversion of funds from vital military construction projects for a wall at the southern border.

Trump’s decision could lead to the loss or delay of $112 million in Ohio military construction projects that bipartisan congressional majorities have approved — including a $15 million project at the Ohio Air National Guard base at the Toledo Express Airport.


From WTOL:

State Democrats say jobs in Ohio could go away because of President Trump’s national emergency declaration.

Earlier this year, the President declared an emergency to build a border wall on the Mexican border. Now that declaration could pull money away from approved military projects in Toledo.

David Pepper: “You shouldn’t take it from anywhere. This is not appropriate to be diverting from military projects. We support our military. We support our troops. We support our reservists. Don’t take it from anywhere, but especially in Ohio, do not touch these Ohio projects.”

$15 million have been approved for military projects in Toledo. Right now there are several lawsuits against the President’s declaration.

From WNWO:

An Ohio Representative wants Congress to override President Trump’s national emergency declaration.

Democrat Casey Weinstein (D) introduced legislation that he says would help save jobs. He thinks $12 million dollars in military construction projects could either be delayed, or lost, following the President’s announcement.

Those include, a pre-approved $15 million project for the new hangers at the 180th fighter wing in Swanton.

David Pepper: “Just want to make sure that we’re speaking out here and saying don’t take the money from Toledo. This is, I think, $15 million for new hangers here. It’s a very important project.”

Rep. Lisa Sobecki (D): “So we just need to continue to support our family out here at the 180th. It’s an anchor in our community.”

Earlier this week, Congress voted to overturn the President’s emergency, but that measure did not pass with enough vote to. . .”