Don Jr. Can’t Spin Trump’s Failed Economic Record, Failed Coronavirus Response

YOUNGSTOWN — Donald Trump Jr.’s visit to Youngstown today is the first time a Trump has set foot in the Mahoning Valley since three years ago when the president told Ohioans, “Don’t move, don’t sell your house” — and then General Motors decided to shut down their Lordstown factory, leading to the loss of thousands of Ohio jobs.

From Chairman David Pepper:

“Haven’t the people of the Mahoning Valley suffered enough? Working families across the region have lost their health, lives and livelihoods because of Donald Trump’s four years of chaos and incompetence. Now, his own administration is admitting they have no intention of getting this pandemic under control. But instead of receiving urgently needed help, folks in the Mahoning Valley have to hear from a guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth, who flouted the state’s mask mandate the last time he was here in our state. Ohioans deserve better — that’s why we’re turning out in record numbers to elect Joe Biden and end the nightmare of the Trump presidency.”


Promise: “Those jobs have left Ohio. They’re all coming back. They’re all coming back. Don’t move. Don’t sell your house. Don’t sell your house.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Youngstown, July 25, 2017]

Promise: ““Many plants are being built right now — auto plants — in Michigan, just like I said. They’re being built in Ohio, they’re being built in South Carolina, North Carolina, they’re being built all over and expanded at a level that we’ve never seen before.” [White House Press Conference, Sept. 7, 2020]

Promise: “My plan is to crush the virus.” [Donald Trump, Dayton, Sept. 21, 2020]

Promise: “We have to protect our most vulnerable citizens against this horrible virus.” [Trump, Clyde, Aug. 6, 2020]

Promise: “We’re attacking the virus from every angle. And through this aggressive strategy, we will win the war, and it will happen sooner than people think.” [Donald Trump, Clyde, Aug. 6, 2020]