Dolan’s Budget ‘Tax Mischief’ Would Have Hurt School District, Rewarded GOP Campaign Donors

COLUMBUS — As state Sen. Matt Dolan gears up for a private fundraiser with high-dollar donors at Progressive Field tonight, he is taking heat from the Akron Beacon Journal for a special tax giveaway he introduced into the state budget for a village that’s home to wealthy Republican donors.

“Time and again we see this pattern from Republican politicians in Columbus: they collect big campaign checks from high-dollar donors who end up with sweetheart deals that get written into law,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “From ECOT to White Hat to this attempted tax giveaway, it’s public education and Ohio schoolchildren who lose out. Enough is enough.” reported last week that the amendment introduced by Dolan — “a key figure in budget negotiations on tax issues” — was “stealthily inserted” into the budget and would have “cost the local school district millions of dollars.”

The Beacon Journal said the “mischievous language slipped into the two-year state budget last week… granted a substantial and unwarranted reduction in property taxes to the residents of Hunting Valley,” a “village of 700 people (that) has contributed roughly $1.4 million in political money, mostly to Republicans, since 2016.”

The editorial board noted the criticism “that tax cuts are about rewarding donors,” and said, “[t]hat is the impression this episode invites.”