Does Portman Believe The Mueller Report Revelations Are Less Serious Than The Access Hollywood Tape Revelations?

Portman in 1998: “The Truth Must Be The Bedrock Of Our Judicial System”

COLUMBUSIn October 2016, Sen. Rob Portman withdrew his support for Donald Trump over the “Access Hollywood” video, but it remains to be seen if Portman believes the revelations in the Mueller report — including actions that he calls “inappropriate” — are enough to make him reconsider his early endorsement of the president.

“The Access Hollywood video was a disgusting embarrassment, convincing Rob Portman to withdraw his support for Trump,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Does Rob Portman believe the Mueller report revelations of Trump’s egregious behavior as president are somehow less serious than the Access Hollywood tape revelations? The redacted Mueller report details how Donald Trump has lied over and over again, as he attempted to conceal the truth from the American people.

“In 1998, Rob Portman stated ‘the truth must be the bedrock of our judicial system’ when he backed impeachment for Bill Clinton. Is Rob Portman loyal to the truth or to Trump? Rob’s early endorsement of the president — even before the Mueller report came out — shows he doesn’t care about the truth, just protecting Trump.”

Portman on U.S. House floor, Dec. 18, 1998:

Mr. Speaker, there is no joy in this task.

This is a sad day for our country and for the office of the president.

I’ve listened carefully to the comments of my colleagues today, just as I carefully reviewed the facts, the underlying articles of impeachment and the report of the Judiciary Committee that came before us this week.

I do not question the motives of my colleagues who oppose impeachment, who don’t find impeachable offenses, even as many of them have questioned the motives of those of us who will support one or more of the articles.

For myself, I believe the evidence of serious wrongdoing is simply too compelling to be swept aside.

I’m particularly troubled by the clear evidence of lying under oath, in the truth must be the bedrock of our judicial system.

I believe the long-term consequences to this country of not acting on these serious charges before us far outweigh the consequences of following what the Constitution provides for in bringing this matter to trial in the United States Senate.