In Digital Protest Ohioans Call on Sen. Rob Portman: #DoYourJobRob

Ohioans Welcome Sen. Portman Back Home With Digital Protest On SCOTUS, Highlighting His Failure to Uphold His Constitutional Responsibilities

COLUMBUS — As Sen. Rob Portman returns to Ohio this week for his two-week “spring break,” Ohioans are calling him out in a digital Twitter protest for his failure to uphold his constitutional responsibilities and do his job by refusing to even consider the new Supreme Court nominee.

“Now that Senator Portman is returning to Ohio, he’s facing the wrath of of his constituents, who are demanding that he uphold his responsibility to the Constitution and consider the Supreme Court nominee,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Daniel van Hoogstraten. “Just like the ultimate Washington insider that he is, Senator Portman is obediently prioritizing the broken politics of the D.C. power brokers and well-connected special interests he serves at the expense of Ohioans who want him to do one simple thing: his job.”

Here’s a sample of what Ohioans are saying about Sen. Portman’s blatant refusal to do his job and consider Judge Merrick Garland, an eminently qualified candidate for the Supreme Court.


The Strickland campaign recently launched, featuring the voices of Ohio residents condemning Portman for his stubborn refusal to even consider a new Supreme Court Justice, and describing what would happen to them if they followed Portman’s example and refused to do their own jobs in Ohio.

Here is a graphic showing the activity of today’s Twitter protest: