DeWine And Yost Take In Nearly $1M From Summit County GOP Since 2011

COLUMBUS — The Summit County Republican Party’s role in doling out questionable contributions — which the Akron Beacon Journal characterized as “an attempt at political money-laundering” — is putting Mike DeWine and Dave Yost in the spotlight because the two politicians have taken nearly $1 million from the county party over the past six years.

“Something spooked the Ohio Republican Party and Larry Householder into returning their contributions from donors connected to the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow and then the Summit County Republican Party,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “It’s an open question as to why the Ohio GOP and Householder backed away from a scheme that appeared to funnel contributions from ECOT to a county party and then to a candidate, thereby evading campaign finance limits.

“The Summit County GOP’s now-refunded investment in Householder is small potatoes compared to the nearly $1 million the county party has pumped into the campaigns of Mike DeWine and Dave Yost over the past six years. What sort of arrangement do DeWine and Yost have with the leadership of the Summit County GOP? What sort of arrangement does the Summit County GOP have with its donors — many of whom are vendors with the Attorney General’s office and benefit from lucrative state contracts? Could these donors be interested in investing in the Summit County Republican Party with an eye on keeping those contracts with DeWine — and perhaps in the future under Yost?

“The Summit County Republican Party’s pattern of moving money around demands close scrutiny. We’re calling on DeWine and Yost to explain to the voters exactly what their relationship is with the leadership of the Summit County GOP.”

Since 2011, DeWine has taken $894,000 from the Summit County GOP.

In just the past year, Yost has taken $95,000 from the Summit County GOP.