DeWine Refuses To Say Whether He Would Fire A State Employee Who Engaged In Harassment

DeWine’s Backward-Looking Views on Protecting Sexual Harassment Victims Would Put Ohio’s Future at Risk

COLUMBUS — This week Mike DeWine refused to answer whether he would fire a state employee who engaged in sexual harassment, only adding to his questionable record of failing to protect victims of harassment in the attorney general’s office and underscoring that DeWine is hopelessly out of touch with Ohio voters.

“Mike DeWine would drag Ohio back into divisive, partisan fights over so-called ‘right to work’ and marriage equality, and his stance on protecting victims of sexual harassment is equally backward-looking,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “We need leaders that will ensure a safe and positive workplace for those who serve in state government. DeWine failed to do that as the state’s top law enforcement officer when he interfered with and stifled an investigation of sexual harassment allegedly involving a member of his inner circle, and then he eliminated the office that investigated harassment claims within the AG’s office. Mike DeWine wants to wind back the clock, and his out-of-touch agenda would put Ohio’s economic future at risk.”

According to the Columbus Dispatch:

“DeWine did not answer a question about whether a supervisory employee under his control as governor who has been found to have engaged in sexual harassment, even if it was years ago, should be fired. Instead, he said, ‘I will always protect women and children because that’s my job as a husband, father of four daughters — and as Ohio’s chief law enforcement officer.’”