DeWine Giveth, DeWine Taketh Away More

As DeWine Touts Budget With More Services For Addicted Ohioans, DeWine Cheers New Bureaucracy That Will Endanger Health Coverage for 300K

COLUMBUS — On the same day Gov. Mike DeWine is crowing about a budget proposal that claims to help Ohio families struggling with addiction, the DeWine administration is simultaneously cheering the approval of a federal waiver that will allow the state to create a new reporting bureaucracy that will endanger health coverage for more than 300,000 Ohioans — including many with mental and behavioral health issues.

“As Arkansas has implemented its new Medicaid expansion requirements, about 18,000 people have already lost their health coverage,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Now Mike DeWine is turning Ohio into Arkansas, while creating new bureaucratic hurdles for Ohioans who need health coverage. On the campaign trail, DeWine made lots of promises about protecting Medicaid expansion and Ohioans with pre-existing conditions. Today’s announcement breaks those promises.”