DeWine Appointee Steps Down Amid Speculation About Involvement In Larry Householder’s $61M Bribery Scandal

COLUMBUS — Mike DeWine today praised the man he appointed to lead the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio as having done “done very, very good work” — even after federal agents raided the commission chair’s home earlier this week and a utility company’s filing indicated he had received a $4 million payment prior to taking the commission seat.

“The House Bill 6 bribery scandal — which has already resulted in five indictments, two guilty pleas, at least two GOP officeholders receiving subpoenas and multiple executives being fired — continues to cast a long shadow over the Republican-led Statehouse and state government,” said Ohio Democratic Party Communications Director Kirstin Alvanitakis. “Ohio’s political culture is deeply broken, but there has been little accountability for Republicans who have been practicing pay-to-play.”