Democratic Candidates For Ohio Supreme Court Earn Recommendations From State Bar Association

GOP Candidates DeWine, O’Toole Earn “Not Recommended” Ratings

COLUMBUS — The Democratic candidates for the Ohio Supreme Court have earned the recommendation of the Ohio State Bar Association, with Judge Cynthia Rice earning a “highly recommended” rating and Judge John O’Donnell earning a “recommended” rating — while two of the GOP contenders, Judge Pat DeWine and Judge Colleen O’Toole, received “not recommended” ratings.

“Ohio Democrats can be proud that we have two high-quality candidates running for the state Supreme Court,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper. “Judge Rice and Judge O’Donnell have demonstrated their readiness and ability to serve on the state’s highest court. They are serious jurists, with a wealth of experience and knowledge.

“Unfortunately, the Ohio GOP can’t say the same. Two of their candidates, Judge DeWine and Judge O’Toole, received a ‘not recommended’ rating from the non-partisan State Bar Association. These are important assessments for voters to keep in mind as they head to the polls for the primary and general elections.”

The Ohio State Bar Association’s (OSBA) Commission on Judicial Candidates evaluated each one of the Supreme Court’s candidates “according to non-political criteria” and released their ratings today.

According to the Ohio State Bar Association, “Candidates who receive favorable evaluations from less than 60 percent of the Commission members are rated ‘Not Recommended.’ In the view of the Commission, this candidate’s qualifications are not suited to perform the duties and responsibilities of chief justice or justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio.”


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