Day Two: Questions For Kasich… What’s Really Going On With Ohio’s Economy?

Kasich Super PAC Ad Distorts Ohio’s Job Growth Picture

THAT STATE UP NORTHDespite some plane troubles yesterday, Gov. John Kasich is finally in the Mitten and campaigning away — with his super PAC providing air support in the form of a misleading commercial that paints a rosier picture of Ohio’s job growth than is actually true.

“As John Kasich has been chasing his presidential ambitions and ignoring the job he was elected to do, Ohio has struggled,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Our job growth numbers have trailed the national average for 38 straight months, and the average Ohio family had a higher income in 1984, compared to today. Kasich has no business touting Ohio’s economy as some sort of proof point that he’s qualified to be president.” investigated claims in a new ad by pro-Kasich super PAC New Day for America. According to,

“Ohio’s private-sector job growth rate of 9.3 percent during Kasich’s tenure lags behind the national private-sector growth rate of 11.7 percent. And Ohio has trailed Michigan in job growth during that time, even though the narrator of the ad says Kasich will ‘do for Michigan what he’s done for Ohio, create jobs.’

“Michigan added 425,600 private-sector jobs from January 2011 to December 2015. That’s nearly 25,000 more private-sector jobs than Ohio added during the same period. Michigan is also less populous than Ohio, so its private-sector job growth rate outpaced Ohio’s 13 percent to 9.3 percent.”