Day Three: Questions For Kasich… Have You Decided On A Position On The Auto Rescue?

In 2008: “We Shouldn’t Throw Good Money After Bad.” Today: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

THAT STATE UP NORTH — During last night’s Republican debate in Detroit, Gov. John Kasich said America needs “jobs, jobs, jobs” — but when the auto industry was collapsing, threatening more than 1 million “jobs, jobs, jobs,” Kasich said “we shouldn’t throw good money after bad” on the auto rescue.

“President Obama’s auto rescue saved hundreds of thousands of jobs in Ohio and Michigan, but at the time Governor Kasich wanted to let Detroit go bankrupt like so many Republicans,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper. “Now that we know the auto rescue was a huge success — with American auto sales reaching record highs last year — Kasich is desperate to try to ‘Etch-A-Sketch’ his record.”

In an interview last summer with Tim Skubick of WLNS-TV, Kasich tried out three different positions on the auto rescue, saying:

“I was never against it.”

“I’m not refusing to take a stand.”

“I didn’t have a vote.”

Later Kasich felt compelled to clean up his answer and told Skubick that he might have worked out a different solution if he were in Congress.

Then on an appearance on Morning Joe last fall, Kasich struggled mightily to answer a question about the auto rescue:

“I mean they did a bailout, and that’s fine and they’re there and I’m glad they’re there. So am I running around pinning a medal on the president? I haven’t done that but I’ll tell you what else I haven’t done. I ran for re-election and didn’t spend my time beating him over the head. […] Look, I’m not an Obama hater here. I don’t agree with him. OK, so he did well on that but you know what he didn’t do well on, growing this economy, Steve.”

In case you were wondering — Ohio’s job growth numbers have trailed the national average for 38 straight months.