Convicted Abortion Clinic Bomber “Happy” To Join Statehouse Protest Against Public Health

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party and Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus released the following statement in response to reports that convicted abortion clinic bomber John Brockhoeft joined the recent Ohio Statehouse protest against state Health Director Dr. Amy Acton.

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper:

“The extremists attacking Dr. Amy Acton are trying to pressure officials into ignoring public safety and health. Now we know that they are making common cause with those whose extremism has turned into acts of terror and violence. The Columbus Dispatch editorial board is quite right to call on ‘responsible’ Republicans and conservatives to ‘push back’ against the hateful and conspiracy-laden rhetoric coming from many in their party. It’s disturbing that right-wing extremists are apparently using the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to organize and spread toxic hate speech, but unfortunately Ohio has long been an epicenter for hate groups.”

Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus Chairwoman Kathy DiCristofaro:

“It should surprise no one that the anti-science, anti-woman crowd that is attacking Dr. Amy Acton for her steady leadership during the coronavirus crisis is palling around with anti-abortion terrorists. It’s no coincidence that in Michigan the protesters there have focused their ire on Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and not her health and human services director, who happens to be male. Attacking women is all part of the right-wing extremists’ playbook.”