Congressman Tim Ryan, Labor Leaders Call Out Trump’s Broken Promises Before Pence’s Visit To Ohio

ZANESVILLE — Ahead of Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Ohio, the Ohio Democratic Party held a virtual roundtable today with Congressman Tim Ryan, Ohio Federation of Teachers President Melissa Cropper and United Steelworkers leaders, who called out Donald Trump’s broken promises to Ohio workers.

This weekend Donald Trump was slammed for his lies about saving the American auto industry (he didn’t) and new auto plants being built in Ohio (they aren’t).

Despite Trump’s claims about saving auto jobs, GM Lordstown closed in March 2019, resulting in the loss of thousands of jobs in the Mahoning Valley, and an Akron-based wheel factory just last month announced it is closing and laying off workers as it moves operations to Mexico.

From Congressman Tim Ryan:

“The president absolutely betrayed the commitment that he made during the election. He came here, he told people not to sell their homes, and then failed to act — failed to even respond in any significant way. He ignored us, and then he started a trade war that hurt manufacturing. It hurt agriculture in Ohio and crushed a lot of small businesses in the process. […] The president was organizing a boycott of an American company in Ohio to hurt the company and the workers and the people who get pensions from Goodyear. Then, an additional slap in the face is when he goes around and pretends that there are these imaginary auto plants that he helped create. So, enough is enough. We’re tired of the insults. We’re tired of him ignoring us.”

From Ohio Federation of Teachers President Melissa Cropper:

“Mike Pence’s visit to Ohio for a ‘Workers for Trump’ rally is just one more reminder of the Trump administration’s four-year war on workers and Trump’s endless broken promises to the working men and women of Ohio. […] In 2015 at a speech in Columbus, Donald Trump promised, ‘We’re going to take back our jobs from China and Mexico.’ Five years later, the jobs have not come back. […] Ohio doesn’t need another Mike Pence photo op. We don’t need more campaign rallies and empty promises. We need leaders who understand what workers need and who stand with us side-by-side to fight for jobs in America. We need leaders like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who will build back better.”

From United Steelworkers Local 2 President Jack Hefner:

“It wasn’t enough for Donald Trump to attack Goodyear. Now, he’s lying about saving the American auto industry — and Mike Pence has been busy helping to spread the lie. […] Remember how Donald Trump promised that we were going to take back our jobs from China and Mexico? What a load of BS. My workers can’t feed their families on broken promises, and they can’t pay their bills with pipe dreams. Donald Trump didn’t save the American auto industry, and my workers are proof of that lie. Donald Trump and Mike Pence have broken one promise after another, and Ohio’s workers — people like those I represent at Maxion — those workers are the ones who are paying the price.”

From United Steelworkers Local 2L Goodyear Unit Chair Rick Nixon:

“Over the past four years, it’s been one broken promise after another from Donald Trump. He’s continued to attack workers — including the men and women I represent at the Goodyear in Akron, Ohio. They work hard and don’t deserve to have their livelihoods threatened because Donald Trump didn’t like something he saw on Twitter. […] He basically said it didn’t matter if workers lost their jobs because they would ‘be able to get another good job.’ I don’t know what world Donald Trump is living in, but in the one I live in and the one other workers live in, there are millions of Americans out of work. There are millions of Americans who are struggling just to get by. To say that someone can just walk down the street and ‘get another good job’ — it’s insulting.”


Columbus Dispatch: Ahead of Pence visit, Ohio Democrats, union leaders talk about betrayal of workers